Hong Kong’s firstDARK and SILENCE
experiential exhibition

Hong Kong’s first DARK and SILENCE experiential exhibition, provides series of innovative Impactaintment (Impact + Entertainment) and transformative experiences promoting social inclusion. All experiences and programs were co-designed with PoDs* combining interactive digital elements for an immersive and rewarding experience.

“People of Differences” means People with disabilities such as the blind, the deaf etc. All of them have different abilities or talent, we build a platform for them to showcase their abilities or talent.

DID receiption

Hidden Dialogue

Say out your “Hidden Message”, Stay connected with your beloved ones.

Say out your “Hidden Message”


A discovery experience in absolute Dark, one of the world’s most exciting life-changing experiences, where all surroundings become invisible to you and your senses of touch, taste, smell, and sound come to “light”.

Are you ready to challenge the Darkness?

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An interactive playful experience in an era of complete soundless, where you are challenged to express without non-verbal communication.

Are you ready to experience a new form of communication?

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An immersive experience goes beyond your imagination through an interactive digital platform.

Are you ready to think out of the box?

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Unleash the full potential of PoDs

Aim at identifying and nurturing courageous PoDs, to showcase their talents and potential as role models for the community; supporting them in pursuit of education and career advancement; empowering them to realize their dreams.



A cross sector collaboration to create social inclusion community and charity projects

Fertilize eco-system by cross collaborating among Corporates, Schools, Governments, Private Foundation, Impact Investors and NGOs to create social inclusion community and charity projects.


Hidden Dialogue Post Cards

A set of 4 “Hidden Dialogue” theme postcards, with different “Hidden Message” designs, you can share and express your “Hidden Message” to your beloved ones. ($100/set)

#I Love You #Sorry #Forgive Me #Thank You

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